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Welcome to the Enchanting World Underwater: BEST Dive Center

Are you ready to explore the mysterious world underwater and have unforgettable experiences? Our Best Dive Center offers a unique adventure for divers of all levels.

Our Services:

  • Deneme Dalışları;

    Why Scuba Trial - Introductory Dive?

    • Experience: The scuba trial/introductory dive is the perfect start for anyone wanting to explore the underwater world. Experience the excitement and freedom of being a diver firsthand.: Scuba deneme dalışı, su altı dünyasını keşfetmek isteyen herkes için mükemmel bir başlangıçtır. Dalgıç olmanın heyecanını ve özgürlüğünü ilk elden deneyimleyin.
    • Trained Guides: Experienced and certified diving instructors will be with you at every step for your safety and enjoyment.: Deneyimli ve sertifikalı dalış eğitmenleri, sizin güvenliğiniz ve keyfiniz için her adımda yanınızda olacak.
    • Equipment Provided: All the necessary diving equipment is provided by us. All you have to do is savor the joy of diving.: Dalış için gerekli tüm ekipmanlar tarafımızdan sağlanır. Size sadece dalışın tadını çıkarmak kalır.
    • Beauty of Nature: Encounter the colorful coral reefs, exotic fish, and fascinating marine life underwater. Allow yourself to be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of nature.: Sualtı dünyasının renkli mercan resifleri, egzotik balıklar ve ilginç deniz yaşamıyla tanışın. Doğanın sizi büyüleyici güzelliği ile sarhoş etmesine izin verin.
  • Training Programs:Enjoy the pleasure of becoming a diver with various training programs offered by our certified instructors. Courses are available for everyone, from those wanting to become divers for the first time to experienced divers.

  • Guided Diving Tours:Explore the most exciting underwater spots with professional guides. Colorful coral reefs, mysterious wrecks, caves, and more are waiting for you.

  • Equipment Rental and Sales:Quality diving equipment is available with us at affordable prices. Our rental and sales department is always ready to meet your needs.

  • Special Events:Organize unforgettable events at our dive center for your special days or group trips. We offer dive experience packages for birthday parties, team-building events, or weddings.

why join us?

  • Safety and Quality:Your safety comes first. Our certified instructors and experienced guides will support you at every step, ensuring an enjoyable diving experience.

  • Experienced Team:Our expert team is well-versed in every aspect of the underwater world, working to provide you with the best experience.

  • Memorable Moments:You will create unforgettable memories while exploring the unique beauty of the underwater world with us

Join Us and Enjoy the Underwater World!

If you wish to explore the enchanting world underwater and have an unforgettable experience, join us now! Experience the diving adventure of your dreams at our professional dive center.

Contact us for detailed information and reservations.

Scuba Diving Courses


Step aboard Calipso, our inviting 15x405-meter diving vessel designed to cater to every need of our diver guests. Experience the luxury of an upper balcony, diving platform, boat exit ladder, gangway, hot/cold shower, bar, kitchen, WC, and changing cabin, complemented by sunbathing cushions for relaxation. Ensuring safety and preparedness, Calipso is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit, O2 set, walkie-talkie, and a cylinder filling compressor. Dive confidently with 60 diving cylinders, 25 diving regulators, 30 BCDs, various mask-flippers-snorkels, and 300 kg of lead weights, all on board the Calipso.

To share the enchanting underwater beauty and marine wonders of Fethiye, primarily with certified divers, Savaş Yapman and Serkan Çelen founded this center with a shared vision of making a positive impact in Fethiye. BEST DIVE, crafted from years of collective experience, invites you to unveil the undiscovered diving spots in the region. Whether you're a beginner seeking high-quality training or an experienced diver aspiring to advance, our center provides a dynamic learning environment. Specially tailored for those new to diving, we ensure a secure underwater adventure with one-on-one instructors. Embrace the unity we foster through our motto 'We Are One Less Person Without You.' Our objective isn't just to be the best in Fethiye but to contribute to making Fethiye one of Turkey's premier diving regions, hand in hand with neighboring diving centers. With the BEST brand, our central focus is to offer exceptional diving training in the region, welcoming new enthusiasts to the sector while simultaneously ensuring certified divers experience unforgettable underwater adventures on our boutique boat. BEST DIVING is more than a training center; it's a hub for Lifeguard training at international standards, guided by the expertise of Golden Lifeguard Instructor Savaş Yapman, ensuring safety and excellence.

"Within our center, we offer specialized diving courses and award certificates from the Turkish Underwater Sports authority. These specialized courses cover a wide spectrum, including First Aid, Deep Diving, Night Diving, Altitude Diving, Current Diving, Wreck Diving, Navigation, Search and Rescue, Underwater Photography, Underwater Videography, High-Level Buoyancy, Introductory Diving, Nitrox, Oxygen Use, Burrow Diving, Cylinder Filling, and Material Information and Maintenance."

About Us

Starting our operations with Savaş Yapman and Serkan Çelen in 2020, we are the region's premier authorized diving center based in Fethiye, specializing in TSSF/CMAS approved instructor courses. 

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Please write to us without hesitation on any subject or question you may have.

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